“When all else fails, I’ve learned to call on Barb. If she can’t pull a team together and get it moving in the right direction, no one can."
Mike Ramsay
CEO, TiVo Inc.
“Barb is one quick study. I’ve never known anyone faster at pinpointing the root of a problem. And then she goes one better and actually fixes the problem.”
Margaret King
Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners
“Barb really makes things happen. For us, she started by working up a focused, on-target action plan, and then she managed to get all the executives on the same page. Amazing!”
Ron Benza
CEO, Benza Gruggen Buckley
Former CMO, Kintana
“Barb brings a deep sense of commitment to the projects she undertakes. Clarity, poise and solid ethical standards are the hallmarks of her work.”
Michael Cronan
President, The Cronan Group
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